Sailing Cruise in Style on Catamaran Ruby

We want to feature here another video from Thailands leading Yacht Charter agency Island Cruises. This time it’s about the sailing catamaran Ruby. Ruby is a 51f luxury sailing catamaran which can be hired with skipper only, but is normally chartered out with full crew complement. You can even go for the fully decadent experience […]

Amazing sailing mission to Ang Thong National Park

Amazing sailing mission to Ang Thong National Park 29 July 2014 at 13:52 On the morning of the 19th of July Captain Alf and I, went with the taxi to pick up our 2 island cruises customers for a 4 day Ang Thong cruise from their hotel. They were from Switzerland and on a very […]

Live aboard Sailing Course

Sailing Course on board Sailing courses are available in Thailand in various different forms. Some are on a daily bases and others accommodate the student aboard the training yacht. To earn a beginners license as the Competent Crew it is not a prerequisite to live aboard the yacht. Still, the question is: what is actually […]

Foul Weather Sailing – Ocean Hiker Training Video

Even in the tropics sailing students have a chance to get the real feeling of sailing when the weather turns a bit rough or foul.  This video is obviously targeted at people who dare to have some action instead of pottering around the bay. Please let us know what you think about it.  Does it […]

Eco Sailing Catamaran Plastiki

Plastiki proves the power of ingenuity, imagination combined with some eco awareness with creator, environmental advocate and eco-adventurist David de Rothschild at the helm. Plastiki is a showcase of how waste can be used as a valuable resource. This modern vessel has been engineered from cutting edge materials and all available sustainable design technologies, the […]

Competent Crew Course / Ocean Hiker Course in Thailand

Competent Crew Course / Ocean Hiker Course Here we have a quite interesting approach of ex-cruising sailors who started a Yacht Charter Company on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. Based on the Competent Crew Course outline of the RYA this experienced cruising sailors added quite a few aspects of blue-water sailing and named […] Regatta Samui 2009: June 1 – 6th

Regatta Samui 2009: June 1 – 6th On the 1st of June the Samui Regatta starts at 10.oo o’clock of Chaweng Beach in the east of Samui.  During the 5 Racing days sailing yachts and sailing boats of  the Racing Class, Premier Class, IRC, Bare Boat charter Class, Sport boats and Multihull Calss will […]

SY Sampai Jumpa sunk

SY Sampai Jumpa collides with Ferry The Diving Liveaboard Vessel sunk on its journey from Koh Phuket to Koh Tao. It was colliding on Sunday morning the 24th of May 2009 with a Ferry, broke up and sunk on the east coast of Malaysia. The Crew, three Thais and an Irish Dive guide were rescued […]

A hitchhikers guide to the blue galaxy

It’s time to get ready for hitching a ride on a sailing yacht to the Maledives, Sri Lanka, Oman, Aden, the divers paradises of the Red Sea or even up to the Mediterranean Sea! We’re writing November 7th on planet earth. In the North Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand the […]

Kitecam and Sailing Yachts

Using a Kitecam while sailing This Guy is showing us how to get some awesome video footage of our own yacht while being actually under way. The result is quite impressive considering the huge difference in production costs. Not knowing exactly how much the setup for the Kitecam is it will be certainly  cheaper than […]

Sailing and Diving around Koh Tao

Koh Tao is certainly one of the top world diving destinations. Not really because of the underwater world but because of the high turnover in students. One diving operation became PADI Dive Center Number One world wide by hitting the absolute yearly certification highscore in 2007.  So, where is the downside then? Perhaps overcrowded diveboats […]

Youngest person to sail solo around the world-Laura Dekker

She’s just thirteen, her blog is set, the day counter as well and says she’s ready to go… She’s going to start her journey on the first of September 2009. What she wants is to bee the youngest solo circumnavigator  ever and her parents think it is a great idea. Well, there are certainly a […]

Sailing Thailand-Video as Marketing tool within the Sailing Industry

Here we have new video by Stanislaus Johannes Müller-Härlin, a Pro Artist from Bavaria / Germany produced for Island Cruises Co., Ltd. Thailand. The Company is trying to boost the online sales by adding more multimedia content to their respective online presence. Will it work? Lets have a look at the stats after, say 3 […]

Sailing Yacht crashing with Ferry

Remember, sailing yachts have not always right of way… especially if not under sails and under no circumstances before ferries. Here we have a classic example of an obviously untrained helmsman. See the video and please comment.

Coast guard rescue of grounded sailing yacht

Grounded sailing yacht rescued by the Angeles Coast Guard leaves still some questions open. How did the Yacht get in the first place into this situation and what would have happened if …. However, the yacht owner and their crew were obviously happy enough to have the coast guard near by. Now, how would look […]

Phuket Yacht Club & Topper Sail Phuket

Phuket Sunshine Village rides the Optimist Wave The Yacht Racing Association of Thailand has joined forces with Phuket Yacht Clubs Head Coach Jaray Tipsuk to open the world of sailing to more of Phukets disadvantaged children. After a short course in Optimist sailing as a young boy, Khun Jaray went on to the Optimist Worlds […]

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