New yacht video for sailing Thailand on SY Full Steam

Island Cruises, one of the leading yacht charter brokers in Thailand has started a series of video presentations for the charter yachts they have on offer in Thailand. We want to feature those yacht charter presentations here since they are the best what can be found on the net. The first yacht charter presentation we […]

Sailing Video for Yacht Charter in the Ang Thong National Park

Time to explore a brand new sailing area – the western Gulf of Thailand! With only a hand full of sailing yachts available in the entire Samui/Phangan region, this is the most exclusive sailing destination in Thailand. Have a look at this video, which was taken at one single 4 day Ang Thong Safari starting […]

Mu Ko Surin National Marine Park

Mu Ko Surin National Marine Park Surin Island National Marine Park a paradise of thick jungle, fine white sandy beaches crystal-clear waters, and the most extensive coral reefs in Thailand. It is also home of the Moken Sea Gypsies. It is famous for it’s gorgeous, diverse and prolific shallow-water corals, and popular with live-aboard diving […]

Save Koh Tao – Buoyancy World Island Wide Project 2009

Each year there is a large scale project conducted not only to help the environment but to create awareness within the community. A SCUBA diver training ground named “‘Buoyancy World” is this years large scale project which serves as well as an artificial reef. This siet will include: Training Aids Swim-throughs or caves Rings, hoops, […]

Ang Thong Marine Park

Sailing Thailand INFO Ang Thong Marine Park Mo Ko Angthong, located in Tambon Ang Thong Amphor Ko Samui, Suratthani Province, was designated the 21th national park of Thailand on November 12, 1980, and covers an area of 102 square kilometer. 82% or about 84 square kilometer of the area is marine. The park consists of […]

Tarutao National Marine Park

Sailing Thailand Tarutao National Marine Park Sailing Thailand Tarutao National Marine Park is situated in Tambon Ko Sarai, Amphoe Muang is the Tarutao (meaning: old, mysterious and primitive) archipelago. This is the first marine park of Thailand consisting of 51 Islands spread over an area of 1490 square kilometers. Ko Tarutao is the biggest Island […]

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