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Phuket Sunshine Village rides the Optimist Wave
optimist-sailor-thailandThe Yacht Racing Association of Thailand has joined forces with Phuket Yacht Clubs Head Coach Jaray Tipsuk to open the world of sailing to more of Phukets disadvantaged children.

After a short course in Optimist sailing as a young boy, Khun Jaray went on to the Optimist Worlds in Yugoslavia when he was 15 years old. Since then, he has had an exciting and fruitful career as a sailor; having been selected to represent Thailand in the ASEAN Games, he went on to win a gold and two silvers, as well as becoming a Super Mod Championship winner and winner of the Kings Cup three times as skipper of Octopussy. He has also coached the Thai national Optimist team for three years, taking them to three world championships.

Sundays race held particular importance to the club, however, which saw the event as a celebration of the support from the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand (YRAT) who has given Head PYC Coach Jaray Tipsuk 10 Racing Optimist dinghies on loan to use in their junior training program.

PYC Commodore Katy Gooch tells us,The boats are fantastic you really saw the difference today when the children were racing. The boats are identical, so it all came down to the skills they have learned. They were racing together as one fleet and it was really exciting a great experience for the children, and us!
Racing Optimist dinghies on loan from Yacht Racing Association of ThailandPhuket Yacht Club (PYC) kicked off another 3 month series sponsored by Topper Sail Phuket
dinghy racing at the club in Ao Yon last Sunday with adult dinghy racing for single-handed, 2-man crewed and multihull dinghies, as well as Optimist racing for juniors. The dinghy racing has become a regular event at the club, eager to introduce more people to sailing and increase awareness of Phukets Sunshine Village.

dren from Phuket’s Sunshine Village who attended the free beginners sailing course at PYC last October. The course was organized by PYC and led by Coach Jaray Tipsuk who shares the clubs passion in bringing more Thai children into the sport.First place in the Optimist race last Sunday was won by 13 year old Akkapoj Kenkeaw, nickname Tik, who picked up two 1sts and an unlucky 3rd after crossing the line early and having to restart. Tik has been a regular sailor at the club since he was invited from the Phuket Sunshine Village to join the beginners sailing course last October and is very happy with the new boats; The new boats are better because they are lighter and therefore faster, he explains. I like sailing very much it’s better than watching TV or playing computer games and soon, more friends will come from Phuket Sunshine Village so it will be even more fun..young optimist sailors in Thaialnd
All at PYC agree that Tik and his friends show great promise and enthusiasm for the sport. We were hoping to get all the children up to the Nationals in Pattaya this coming week, but we just couldn’t manage it this time around, Kate tells us. We have also been invited to Samui for the reciprocal Island Trophy Regatta, the inaugural of which was held here in Phuket last year, but again, we just don’t have the funding or the manpower at present to give the children this opportunity. Hopefully, as the club grows and more people join us for dinghy racing and lessons and we find sponsorship for the new Optimist boats, the opportunity for these children to really succeed in sailing will be realized.

The next beginners sailing course for youths organized by Khun Jaray Tipsuk and Supported by PYC and sponsored by Topper Sail Phuket will start in  May. The free course is primarily targeted at disadvantaged Thai children and five more youths from Phuket’s Sunshine Village will join the weekly classes, learning the necessary skills which will enable them to join the monthly Optimist races at the club.

The Optimist boats are available for sponsorship for ฿10,000 per year and the money will go towards the free sailing courses for disadvantaged youths and Optimist maintenance. We are also looking for volunteers and crew for the monthly dinghy racing, adds Kate, to join the fun and gain valuable sailing skills.

For more information, contact Katy Gooch (Commodore Sail)
Email or Tel: 085 2159185

Optimist sponsors
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Topper sail
Composite Catamarans Co., Ltd
Andaman Marine Consultants
Saim Surveyors
Cassi Potger
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