Competent Crew Course / Ocean Hiker Course in Thailand

Competent Crew Course / Ocean Hiker Course

Here we have a quite interesting approach of ex-cruising sailors who started a Yacht Charter Company on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. Based on the Competent Crew Course outline of the RYA this experienced cruising sailors added quite a few aspects of blue-water sailing and named it Ocean Hiker. The Ocean Hiker Course takes 6 days

to complete and Island Cruises offers…

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Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana

Windforecast Ondoy 28.09.09 Ondoy/Ketsana

Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009 in suburban Cainta, east of Manila, Philippines. People wade in the chest deep floodwater.
At least 103 people dead in the Philippines, the Thyphoon Ondoy causing floods in the capital, Manila, that forced thousands to evacuate their homes. It is expected that the storm is hitting the coast of Vietnam by the 30st of September 2009.

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Save Koh Tao – Buoyancy World Island Wide Project 2009

Each year there is a large scale project conducted not only to help the environment but to create awareness within the community.

A SCUBA diver training ground named “‘Buoyancy World” is this years large scale project which serves as well as an artificial reef.

This siet will include:

  • Training Aids
    • Swim-throughs or caves
    • Rings, hoops, and other obstacles
    • Balance beams
    • Hover weights
    • Permanent CESA Lines
    • Navigation check points
    • Search and recovery objects
    • Ecological Monitoring Program/Reef Check Belt Transects
  • Coral Nursery Platforms/anchoring points
  • Art & Sculptures
  • Fish Nurseries/aggregates
  • Diverse habitats for Marine Organisms

Scuba Diving in Honduras

Scuba Diving in Honduras

Utila / Hondoras / Photo by RythieHonduras is best known for its underwater riches, particularly its vantage point to the worlds second largest barrier reef.  It has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best (and cheapest next to Koh Tao / Thailand) places to learn to dive or complete your dive-master training. Your dives will show you coral reefs, yawning underwater caves, wrecked ships, and the docile whale sharks. But after you have had your fill of snorkeling and diving, you’ll find out that there is more to discover in this beautiful country.

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Save Koh Tao – Marine Conservation

Save Koh Tao – Marine Conservation

Save Koh Tao Marine ConservationReceiving now for quite a while the news letters of the Save Koh Tao Marine Conservation I have to admit that I am impressed by the continues action brought up mainly by volunteers to help in regards to environmental issues on the small Island Koh Tao in the Gulf Of Thailand.

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Regatta Samui 2009: June 1 – 6th

Samui Regatta Thailand

On the 1st of June the Samui Regatta starts at 10.oo o’clock of Chaweng Beach in the east of Samui.  During the 5 Racing days sailing yachts and sailing boats of  the Racing Class, Premier Class, IRC, Bare Boat charter Class, Sport boats and Multihull Calss will compete on this Regatta. The Provisional Entry List can bee seen here.

For visitors who would like to see the race not only from shore you may get yourself booked onto a spectators  boat. If yo u like to charter a Yacht for a day to follow the race contact Island Cruises Yacht Charter through theire web site.

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SY Sampai Jumpa sunk

SY Sampai Jumpa collides with Ferry

SY Sampai Jumpa

The Diving Liveaboard Vessel sunk on its journey from Koh Phuket to Koh Tao. It was colliding on Sunday morning the 24th of May 2009 with a Ferry, broke up and sunk on the east coast of Malaysia.

The Crew, three Thais and an Irish Dive guide were rescued by an close by fishing boat. The only customer on the Sampai Jumpa is still missing. Rescue services are continuing their mission to retrieve the missing person.

( source:

A hitchhikers guide to the blue galaxy

It’s time to get ready for hitching a ride on a sailing yacht to the Maledives, Sri Lanka, Oman, Aden, the divers paradises of the Red Sea or even up to the Mediterranean Sea!

We’re writing November 7th on planet earth. In the North Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand the weather pattern is about to change. It’s the transition time from the SW-Monsoon to the NE-Monsoon season.
Circumnavigating sailing yachts are starting now to migrate from Singapore towards western Malaysia, especially the islands of Penang and Langkawi, and towards Phuket, in Thailand. The ones who are moving in a fast pace, like doing their way around the planet in a matter of only two or three years, will be the first ones coming up.
Why that?

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Kitecam and Sailing Yachts

Using a Kitecam while sailing

This Guy is showing us how to get some awesome video footage of our own yacht while being actually under way. The result is quite impressive considering the huge difference in production costs. Not knowing exactly how much the setup for the Kitecam is it will be certainly  cheaper than hiring a chopper.

See yourself and please comment!

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Sailing and Diving around Koh Tao

Koh Tao is certainly one of the top world diving destinations. Not really because of the underwater world but because of the high turnover in students. One diving operation became PADI Dive Center Number One world wide by hitting the absolute yearly certification highscore in 2007.  So, where is the downside then? Perhaps overcrowded diveboats which have anyway a quite basic technical standard since most of them are inherrited from the collapsing fishing industry. But who cares? Diving is cheap here and supposed to be next to Utilla / Honduras the one of the cheapest places in the world to go scuba diving. Still, some travelers have slightly higher demands which led to the creation of the VIP Sail and Dive program of the Yacht Charter company ISLAND CRUISES on Koh Tao. So if you want more privacy and a dive  at one of the almost alone under water marvelous dive spots around Koh Tao combined with romantic sailing on a real ocean going sailing yacht than this package might be the right one for you.

Youngest person to sail solo around the world-Laura Dekker

laura-dekkerShe’s just thirteen, her blog is set, the day counter as well and says she’s ready to go… She’s going to start her journey on the first of September 2009.

What she wants is to bee the youngest solo circumnavigator  ever and her parents think it is a great idea. Well, there are certainly a lot of things to consider if you are looking at circumnavigating the globe just on your own.  True,  she is born on a yacht and has naturally more experience than average kids.  The  Council for Child Protection in Netherland is trying to halt the trip by asking the court to grant temporary custody since Laura’s parents refuse to do so.
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The 10 best destinations for 2009 by Lonely Planet

Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand is ranking on place 4 out of 10 World Wide

Lonely Planet’s annual list of emerging destinations and hip classics will be released this week – but we’ve got a sneak preview. This review about Lonley Planets ranking was published at timesonline last week. It is said that: First there was Ko Samui, then Ko Pha-Ngan; now, the cult of Ko Tao has emerged along Thailand’s crystalline Gulf Coast. . Companies like Big Blue Diving and Island Cruises Yacht Charter are listet as a stepping stone on the way to find quality holiday services on Koh Tao.

The Ultimate Dive Shop Software

The Ultimate Dive Shop Software

Dive Shop manager Software / Prodata

Here we go. The ultimate package developed by Prodata to get your business under control. This software you can try out for 30 days. It is capable to manage your dive boats, your accommodation, everything you are hiring out from snorkel to motorbike and will give you an exact summery of what is financially going on in your business. This software cost you less than anything else on the market and is the powerful rival to PADI’s offer.  The biggest plus is that you do not have to pay year after year again to use it. The initial data input depend on the size of you operation might be quite a task but once all your gear and all your rooms and boats are on your database it will flow much easier. Even the saving on paper alone is a considerable contribution to our nowadays  ecological rescue challenge.

If you are using this business tool already feel free to comment here on our site or within the Sailing Thailand Info Forum.

Sailing Thailand-Video as Marketing tool within the Sailing Industry

Here we have new video by Stanislaus Johannes Müller-Härlin, a Pro Artist from Bavaria / Germany produced for Island Cruises Co., Ltd. Thailand. The Company is trying to boost the online sales by adding more multimedia content to their respective online presence. Will it work? Lets have a look at the stats after, say 3 month. But However it will go, the video itself turned out verry good. Se it yourself and leave if you want a comment.

Ang Thong Marine Park

Sailing Thailand INFO Ang Thong Marine Park

Sailing Thailand Info Angthong Marine ParkMo Ko Angthong, located in Tambon Ang Thong Amphor Ko Samui, Suratthani Province, was designated the 21th national park of Thailand on November 12, 1980, and covers an area of 102 square kilometer. 82% or about 84 square kilometer of the area is marine. The park consists of 42 islands, most high steep limestone mountains, lined up from north to south. Because of its beautiful, strange unique scenery, the park has been a well known and popular destination since days long past.

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Sailing Yacht crashing with Ferry

Remember, sailing yachts have not always right of way…

especially if not under sails and under no circumstances before ferries.

Here we have a classic example of an obviously untrained helmsman.

See the video and please comment.

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Tarutao National Marine Park

Sailing Thailand Tarutao National Marine Park

Sailing Thailand Tarutao National Marine Park

Sailing Thailand Info Tarutao National Marine Park Mangrove Forrestis situated in Tambon Ko Sarai, Amphoe Muang is the Tarutao (meaning: old, mysterious and primitive) archipelago. This is the first marine park of Thailand consisting of 51 Islands spread over an area of 1490 square kilometers. Ko Tarutao is the biggest Island in the marine park which used to be the prison for political prisoners.

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Coast guard rescue of grounded sailing yacht

Grounded sailing yacht rescued by the Angeles Coast Guard

Sailing Thailand Info Forum Video Thumpleaves still some questions open. How did the Yacht get in the first place into this situation and what would have happened if ….

However, the yacht owner and their crew were obviously happy enough to have the coast guard near by. Now, how would look a similar situation in south east Asia?   To be honest, I dunno.

If anybody has some stories of their own in regards to the coast guards in the SEA region, please feel free to post it on our forum.

See the video and please comment.

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Island Hopping in the souther Gulf of Thailand

Island Hopping in the southern Gulf of Thailand

Island Hopping in the souther Gulf of Thailand

Sailing Gulf of ThailandNot only Angthong marine park safaris are possible within the southern Gulf of Thailand. A lot of Sailing Yachts taking the Opportunity the just hop from Island to Island, exploring the beautiful bays and combine even some scuba diving once they reached Koh Tao, the diving paradise of the Gulf. The Islands are not to far from each other apart which results in a stress free day sail. Including the Angthong marine park and the Chumporn marine park into your Island Hopping you could be easily busy for a fortnight.

Please contribute your own experience as a comment or within our Sailing Thailand INFO Forum

Possible Yacht Charter to do so here.

Koh Tao – Underwater Wedding

Underwater WeddingWhat a nice idea. Certainly not new but still just a few Scub divers taking it to this level and marry under water. The Big Bubble Diving Operation on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand took care of this event. Click here for more underwater pictures of this marriage.

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