Diving Thailand-Safe Scuba Diving & Planning

Although we have our trusty dive computers to guide us in this day and age it is still essential that you plan your dive and dive your plan.

This is particularly important when you are on a scuba diving holiday in unknown waters where there could be strong currents or other hazards you may be unaware off but the dive leader has factored into the dive plan for you.

There’s plenty of room for spontaneous exploring when you’re under the surface. You’ll find new, colourful species of fish, coral and other interesting things to attract your attention. The excitement of exploring the unexpected is a large part of the fun. But the only way to do that safely and intelligently is to plan your dive well in advance.

Planning your dive requires taking a number of items into account.

When you pick a location, you’ll need to consider such obvious items as transportation time and costs, legal restrictions and so forth. Diving a lake 10 minutes from home obviously requires an entirely different set of criteria than taking a boat out in the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea.

You’ll need to check out the expected weather conditions for the time of year at your proposed location. If you plan to recover lost items you need to investigate the laws regarding treasure hunting and export. You’ll need to research local support for tank refill, equipment repair and so forth.

But above all take advice from the local dive school or instructor if there is one in the area, you could also find out about some fantastic hidden gems.

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