Dive Shop Manager Software

Dive Shop Manager Software

True, is not really a site for downloading software but this one is worth making this feature page to bring it closer to our clientele of divers and sailors. I am saying this because the software is tweaked towards diving resorts but has all necessary categories to be actually useful in the same way to resorts, yacht or boat rental or any other tourist business where you as the manager have to handle a bunch of clients, their accommodation, the extra stuff you are selling them, client database for future e-mail nagging like birthday cards up to the motorbikes or yachts you are renting them out and all the supplier you ever used for your business. The sections within DiveShopManager (in short DSM) are well thought to create finally a single invoice  for your client for a lot of different services plus an awesome control over your business finances with daily stats if you want.


The software got a lot of awards shown below.

OISV top4download AllApp 5 Star Award

5star share download32-5star-award softpicks

share me Awards cleanaward

if these software awards are not proof enough just check out some testimonals of Dive Shop owners who are working with DiveShopManager.


I’m Spilios from Eurodivers and I’ve been working the DSM program over the last 5 months and I can say that it’s a brilliant diving program, very user friendly and easy to work with. Generally, it does all the hard logistic work for the user and it’s suitable for all kinds of diving centers, big or small. Eurodivers Paros Greece

We are working with DiveShopManager 2.0 since August 2006. At first i thought that would be only something for bigger Dive Resort than ours. After setting it up, i found out very soon that i would not want to be without it anymore. Great software that fits for any size of shop. Peter Baer – Reef Riders Koh Tao Thailand

We have just opened a new Dive Resort and we are very happy to work with DiveShopManager. It helps a lot to get and keep things organized right from the beginning. We can recommend it to any Dive Center. Tom Erhard – Blue Marlin Diving Koh Tao Thailand

Big Bubble Dive Resort is using Dive Shop Manager for more than 6 years now and is very happy with the software. We did save plenty of time and money because of the software. The Dive Shop Manager Software is easy to use and has good documentations. M.Goergen – Big Bubble – PADI 5Star Dive Center

I am rapidly falling in love with this system. Crispin Gibbs – Black Marlin Dive Centre Bali Indonesia. I admire your support. – I really appreciate your fast response. In fact I didn’t expect any, you beat your competition here big time. Karl H. Epp – Sevedra Dive Center Cebu, Philippines

Everything runs. No problems whatsoever and a top support by Prodata. I asked for some changes to be made for our dive resort and had them done within a few days at no extra charge. Krista – Koh Tao Divers Thailand

All these business people did not regret spending the money on this software because it eliminates cash droppings by staff . However, it would make me very suspicious if a sales person within your business doesn’t like to work with DiveShopManager.  There would be only one reason, cheating not possible anymore.

How to get it

We are providing here a few options to obtain this marvelous piece of productive software. If you decide to buy a life time license please use our link below or e-mail us to info at


DSM 2.6 - Free Software Download for Windows

DSM 2.6 - Free Software Download for Windows

3 Responses to “Software”

  1. super good stuff, everybody working in this branch should try it…it is very good for dive business. You can store birthdays of your customer and other information as a reminder. Customer like e-mail greeting cards.

  2. If you want to run your dive shop easier, effectively
    and you want to keep an eye on what´s really going on with the cash, this is the excellent product. Easy to use + great support = super Software.
    Of course, you will have to invest some money,
    but when you look at the benefits, it´s crazy not to have it!

  3. I fully agree to the statements above. We are in the process of trying out the software and we get a lot of help and really cool support from prodata here. I’m pretty sure we will buy the dive shop manager software when the trial is over! It’s a lot easier to keep track of our money in and out and we can make more money on existing customers by sending them regularly our newsletters with links to our website. That’s really cool and so are the birthday mails we can now send.

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