Best designed sailing charter and sailing school web-site in Thailand?

A sailing school web-site review

The sailing school and yacht charter company Island Cruises has launched their newest sailing web-site focusing solely on their segment available on or from Koh Tao, a small island in the gulf of Thailand.
The web-site is fully responsive and features beautiful artistic video clips, one for each theme. However, the responsiveness of the web-site is unfortunately as well a downfall, since the technology used, just replaces the video clips with a still picture for smaller screens. With the responsive theme the zoom function is away which makes it possible to read out pretty much every conventional web-site, so the size of buttons really becomes an issue.
Sailing Koh Tao on Freedom FargoLooking the this sailing web-site on a lap top is still a great browsing experience.

The yacht charter section

The yacht charter site gives a lot of information on the yacht, information which could be interesting as well for people who are just interested in gaining more knowledge about the original Freedom 40, one of the most innovative cruising yachts ever built.

The sailing school section

The whole section looks great except the before mentioned flaws in the theme which can not be contributed to the designer.
What I am really looking forward to is the e-learning section of the web-site which is promised to develop during the coming months. This will be one of the first sailing web-sites world wide to give students the possibility to internalize most theoretic aspects about sailing before attending a sailing course and so being able to focus on the practical sailing aspect while doing the sailing course.


All in all a great sailing web-site with good potential. Let’s see how it develops in the future.

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